Mikaelian is a self-made woman, born in 1963 to an Armenian family in Tehran, Iran. She endured regular abuse from a mother who suffers with multiple personality disorders as well as other mental illnesses. Despite being suppressed regularly for her talents, Mikaelian’s love for poetry and narrative writing has been a constant through the years, finding published status in several Farsi magazines. She finally writes the bitter yet poignant tale of growing up in a war-torn country and home, neither of which she could escape. Before migrating to the United States in 1987, she lived in Athens, Greece, for almost two years. She earned not only a cosmetology license, but also one in naturopathic science and massage therapy and has been in practice for over twenty-five years. Mikaelian is fluent in four languages and is actively involved in Houston Writers’ Guild and as well as multiple writers’ critique groups.